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Matt Fripp

Expert Animal Trainer in Aggression In Tampa

For 15 years, Matt has had the privilege to work with some amazing animals.  From swimming with dolphins and killer whales to training lions and cheetahs, Matt has seen and done it all.  He is an expert in animal aggression, socializing animals, and training behavior.  Using positive reinforcement techniques has allowed Matt to establish the strongest relationships possible with all the animals he has trained.  He has become a master at teaching those around him the skills and knowledge needed to achieve their own goals with their animals.

​He has successfully transferred these skills into the dog training community where he has trained dogs to become certified Canine Good Citizens, comfort dogs, and introduced new family members to old dogs as well as old family members to new dogs.  As the expert animal trainer in aggression in Tampa, he has the skills to handle tough situations.

Matt's thorough understanding of animal behavior and his ability to teach those around him has set him apart from his peers in the industry.  He is a dedicated and passionate trainer who loves talking, teaching, and demonstrating animal behavior.

What is Positive Reinforcement?

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