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Have a new member of the family or want to take your dogs behavior to the next level?  Come to Chill Dog Training in Tampa for 1-hour classes focusing on specific topics such as potty training a puppy and other behaviors every week.  Want the extra attention and focus for basic obedience and specific problems?  Book private classes and get one-on-one training.

Family Classes

Specific Behavioral Challenges

Get the whole family in on the fun.  I'll work with the entire family and teach simple behavioral principles that everyone can understand and apply while getting the best out of your dog.  I'll also work with your kids and teach them proper etiquette when interacting with dogs and teach your dog the same with your kids.

Have a very specific behavioral challenge you're dealing with such as leash-reactivity, separation anxiety, or aggression?  These classes will focus on your dogs specific challenges and work towards fixing them.  I'll also teach you why they are occurring, the signs to look out for, and proactive ways to reduce the chances of them returning.

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Individual/Group Classes